celebrating hanami

at wagamama, we’ve always embraced the best of japanese culture, like hanami. a time of celebration and contemplation. when families picnic on a carpet of pink petals. beneath the beautiful blossoming sakura trees. join us in celebrating this beautiful Japanese tradition of rebirth and positivity with us

blossom time

all parts of japanese culture and daily life can be traced back to, or linked with, agriculture and mainly with the production of rice. for that reason, the separate seasons are, still today, passionately celebrated in japan possibly none more so than spring and the appearance of cherry blossom or sakura…
hanami blossom close up

springtime and rice-planting

when the cherry blossoms bloom, locals in japan would know the rice-planting season begins. rice is a large part of culture + life in japan and a large part in plenty of our wagamama dishes

sake parties

the custom of holding sake-drinking parties under cherry blossom is centuries old. sake made from rice fields, was traditionally drunk under the Sakura trees and an offering to the gods
hanami blossom besides a lake in Japan

kids colouring

we’ve created our own hanami scene for your kids to get creative and colour in. download the sheet here and send their completed colouring sheets with us and we’ll share them via our social media platforms

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